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Brasil Daterra Reserve 1kg Coffee Organic 1238
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A definition of Reserve is setting something aside. Such is the unique coffee that we designate as Daterra Reserve. When a Reserve lot is offered it must be exceptional from all other coffees produced on the farm in a given year. The taste profile, processing, and varietals change with each vintage.

A bouquet of intense sweet delicate floral aromatics invites the cupper to experience the flavors of tea rose, honey and sweet sumptuous-juicy fruits. Nearly perfect balance of body and acidity is followed by a multifaceted lingering finish with notes of honey, almond and apricots.


Harvesting: Selective mechanical

Processes: Pulped (Semi-washed)

Drying: Patio, Drum drier

Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic

Sorting: Size, Density and Electronic Penta-chromatic

Packing: Penta-box