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Nicaragua El Bosque Anaerobic 1kg 1573
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Natural Anaerobic fermentation.

This is a special coffee grown by the Peralta family.

El Bosque is a natural processed coffee with an anaerobic fermentation. This make the coffee very fruit-forward and aromatic. Tastes of apple cordial, caramel, blackberry, subtle note of rose water. Vinous aftertaste.

What is Anaerobic fermentation?

All coffee is fermented in different ways after the coffee berries have been picked. In the case of so-called "natural" or "berry-dried coffee", the coffee berries are left scattered to dry out in the sun. You must then constantly turn and turn the coffee berries to get an even and fast drying, as well as to slow down and balance the natural fermentation process. It usually takes 4-6 weeks before the coffee berries are dry enough for further treatment.

The vast majority of coffees we have here at the roastery are so-called "washed coffee". With this method, you first remove the peel and pulp before adding the coffee berries to fermentation in a water bath (tanks with water) for about a day (12 to 72 hours). The fermentation in water also helps the remnants of the pulp to loosen and can be rinsed or washed away. Then the coffee is dried in the same way as mentioned above. Now the coffee is dried in 1-2 weeks.

There are many variations of these two processes.

In recent times, coffee farmers have been experimenting with a new method. This is what has been called anaerobic fermentation. This method seals the freshly picked coffee berries in large, tight tanks with a one-way valve. The fermentation now takes place without oxygen. This method helps to emphasize the aroma and taste. At the same time, you will notice that the fermentation has given the coffee a vinous aftertaste, a hint of dry white wine.