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Kenya AA TOP Mutungati, Light Roast 250g 1535


Dominant Black Currant Acidity Apricot Black
Cherry Grapes Juicy Pomgranate Very Sweet.

Kenya is known for growing some of the most intense coffees in
the world. The coffees are rich in fruity acidity while maintaining
a heavy body. Some people believe this is drawn from the red
volcanic soils surrounding Mount Kenya. But variety, micro-climate,
altitude, and the adequate balance of rain and sunshine play an
essential role in the definition of this high-quality coffee. The total area
under coffee cultivation in Kenya is estimated at 160,000 hectares.

The Kirinyaga District sits on the foothills of Mount Kenya, bordering
the well-known coffee region Nyeri in the west. It is named after
Mount Kenya: the word Kirinyaga describes its snow-capped peaks in
the local language. Back in 1953, farmers gathered together, creating
the Kibirigwi Farmers Cooperative Society. Today the cooperative
counts eight factories in the area. This particular coffee is coming from
the Kiangai Factory. Its name means „holy ground“ or „belonging to
God“. In the past, the area around the factory was used for religious
purposes by the locals. The coffee farmers benefit from the deep
red organic soils in the region, which are rich in organic matter. About
900 smallholders deliver their coffees to the Kiangai washing station.

During harvest, only the ripest cherries are hand-picked and
delivered directly to the wet mill. There, they are sorted, pulped,
and fermented overnight. The next day, the coffee beans are
washed before being spread out on raised beds to dry in the sun
under careful supervision. Afterward, the parchments‘ humidity is
homogenized until it reaches the desired moisture level of 10 - 12%.
In the dry mill, the coffee is carefully sorted and prepared for export.

Region Bahati, Nakuru County
Producer Chania Factory,
Mutungati Farmers Cooperative Society
Altitude 1,850 - 2,055 masl.
Type / Variety Arabica: Ruiru 11, SL34, Batian
Classification AA Top
Processing Washed

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