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Frukt-te Maracuja og Mango 1kg

Art.nr: 2157


Two well-known, typically exotic, tropical fruits are united in a composition of select fruit pieces. The large, mango cubes and passion fruit flakes are a new impressing surprise. The mango note is responsible for the fresh, very full, fruity, sweet and tangy taste. Among the exotic fruit characters, this combination of flavors is a real classic and extremely popular. The passion fruit is also responsible for the fresh, full note.


hibiscus blossoms, apple pieces, elderberries, rose hip peel, papaya flakes, mango flakes, flavouring, freeze-dried passion fruit granules (concentrated passion fruit juice, malt dextrin, orange pulp).

Important: Always brew with boiling water and let infuse for 5-10 minutes in order to obtain a safe beverage!

Nutritional values per 100 ml


Energy in kj 25 KJ
Energy in kcal 6 KCAL
Total fat 0,1 G
Saturated fat < 0,1 G
Total carbohydrates 1,0 G
Sugars 0,8 G
Protein 0,2 G
Salt 0,01 G
The nutritional values were calculated on the basis of the recipe and refer to 100 ml of infusion using 2,5 g tea and brewing for 10–12 minutes. The nutritional values do not represent analytical values.