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Guatemala Finca Nueva Granada 1kg, Hele bønner

Art.nr: 1247



What coffee could be so rare and precious that, when Starbucks sold just one harvest at select locations in the US last year, it cost $16 per half pound and sold out in fewer than twenty-four hours?

Laurina is a light, transparent coffee that in some ways seems more akin to tea. Its caffeine percentage is between 0.4-0.75% (usually around 0.6%), compared to 1.2-1.6% in most other arabica coffees. Laurina is very sweet, with a fruity, floral aroma and is hugely popular across Europe, particularly France.

Historical circumstance has certainly lent Laurina a romantic sense of rediscovery, but its recent resurgence in popularity has more to do with being so difficult to grow, along with the fact that it tastes quite unlike most other coffees. 

In other words, it's unique.