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Om oss

Stavanger kaffebrenneri as is a company that from the very beginning in 2001 has placed special emphasis on running its business with consideration for the natural environment and society where the raw materials we use are produced.

The vast majority of the raw materials we import and process are therefore certified as organic and as Fairtrade. In this way, we contribute to ecological sustainability and improve the conditions for coffee farmers and workers in their local communities.

In 2008, we contacted British Natural Capital Partners and asked them for help in submitting to us "The CarbonNeutral Protocol" and thus making us a carbon neutral company.

We were certified by them in 2009 and have been carbon neutral ever since. Every year, our carbon accounts are calculated and the footprint compensated by the fact that we pay for environmental projects in coffee-producing countries. In the last five years, we have provided financial support for an ongoing water project in Guatemala.

By making these choices outlined here, we at Stavanger Coffee Roastery aim to give our customers in Norway the certainty that they are buying coffee from a producer who practices environmental considerations and fair trade.