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Curtis Pumpetermos 2,2l 5053

Curtis pumpetermos passer rett under bryggekeglen for enkel ett-trinns fylling.

Pumpe med høyt volum fyller raskt de fleste store kopper med et enkelt slag.

Fullt avtakbar topp og pumpe - Gjør rengjøring enkel.

Kapasitet– 2,2 l  i rustfritt stål

Låsbar - Reduserer utilsiktet pumping under transport eller visning.

Stort bærehåndtak og svingbart underlag


The Best in Coffee Brewing Equipment


Family-owned since its inception in 1941, Wilbur Curtis remains committed to quality workmanship, personal loyalty, and family values. But, the company is hardly old-fashioned. Wilbur Curtis strives for innovation in its product lines and new technologies to enhance the consumer experience. Wilbur Curtis created the original Gemini Coffee Brewing System, which has become an industry standard, and several innovations that are now commonplace in convenience stores across North America.

Wilbur Curtis also strives to be environmentally conscious in their manufacturing. They take care to reduce, reuse, and recycle wherever they can and even go beyond those three R’s, creating an in-house environmental team tasked with implementing, monitoring, and controlling the sustainable efforts across the company.

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