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India Monsooned Malabar 250g Coffee Whole beans 1026
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India Monsooned Malabar AA
The AA adjective refers to the size of the beans. AA standard admits 90% of the coffee above screen 18 with tolerance or 2% triage. The India Monsooned Malabar AA has a particular golden yellow color, smooth and soft to the touch, overgrown and oblong.
• Cultivation area: Karnataka State
• Producer: Several single estates
• Grown altitude: 1000-1600 m.a.s.l.
• Botanical variety: Kent, Cauwery, Tafarikela and San Ramón
• Picking: hand-picked after the monsoon process, in order to eliminate improperly Monsooned beans
• Processing: Monsooned
• Moisture content: 13 to 14.5%
Cupping Profile
The India Monsooned Malabar is characterized by a butter-smooth cup, full body, mild acidity and the characteristic complexity of aged coffees. This coffee has a particular subtle earthy notes mixed with pungent spice flavors and a touch of pipe tobacco like taste on the side. This is an exotic coffee that can be enjoyed by all, including the more sophisticated palates.